Lokva Rogoznica is the best part of the Omiš Riviera. The village was founded when seven noble families moved there with their servants in around 1230. It is recorded in the archives that they got the land as a gift from the Hungarian king Béla IV. Since the year 1235 the village was given a status of region Rogoznica. The inhabitants of Lokva used to make their living by fishing, farming, wine-making and breeding cattle, but in the last fifty years these traditional activities have been supressed by growth of tourist industry. In 1966, when the construction of Adriatic main highway was started, many local inhabitants, so called “Lokvari”, began to move closer to the coast and new holiday resorts were founded. Ruskamen is the most attractive and most popular of them, in fact, the first hotel was built here in the sixties.

The old original village of Lokva has become a popular destination for trips thanks to its beauty and uniqueness. Definitely worth seeing are the churches Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije, St Kuzma and Damjan from the 16th century and the little church of St Vid on top of hill Omiške Dinare from the 13th-14th century. There is a footpath leading to the church, suitable for all, young and grown tourists. It is located 639 metres above the sea level and offers beautiful view of nearby islands and mountain ranges.

Ruskamen was named after a large red (“rusom” = red) stone in the base of the Dinary mountains. This stone was an orientation point for seafarers. The oldest building in Ruskamen is Villa Dešković, it is now reconstructed and part of the hotel.

The beaches in Ruskamen are truly marvellous. Beautiful pebble stones, crystal clear sea, sea bottom with no urchins and common sightings of dolphins near the coast, shade of old pine trees, a restaurant, a mini-market, a café, opportunities for sport activities and trips, vicinity of larger tourist resorts and the charm of the Adriatic are only some of the reasons why you will gladly come back to us.


Nenad Kuzmanić
Ruskamen III/3
21317 Lokva Rogoznica
+385 91 526 4885 / 00385 21 871202


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